9 Benefits of Live Streaming Events

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What’s next for live events?
12th April 2020
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1st February 2021

Today I want to focus on the many benefits of live streaming events. Hopefully I will give you some food for thought about why you’re missing out if you’re not taking your event live. Plus, we’ll look at how live streaming your event could take it from an expensive flop to an effective marketing tool.  

In the age of online, face to face events are still going strong as effective ways to connect with audiences. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of brands running events of all types. But events, like any marketing channel, have their downsides too and can often seem unattainable due to high cost per head, limited reach and heavy resource drain.

Meanwhile, during the last 10 years, rapid increase in internet speeds has encouraged technology development. As a result, the days are gone where broadcasting an event is only for huge brands with money to burn. Live streaming is now a viable and affordable option for everyone. Most importantly, all main social media platforms offer live streaming capabilities with just a few clicks. Likewise, there’s lots of interactive, private and bespoke solutions out there. So, live stream events have never been more accessible – taking your event live is exciting, relevant and above all, effective.

So let’s take a look at my top reasons why you should be live streaming your next event. 

1. 59% prefer video content over written content

According to reports. Video is widely becoming the most effective way to get your message across and many of us actively seek out video content. Moreover, live video is even better because…

2. Viewers stay engaged with live content 3x longer

According to facebook statistics published, people spend on average 3 x longer viewing live video content. Many platforms have interactive features, for example chat, Q&A and polls. As a result, your audience can truly feel part of your event without any compromise on experience, plus…

3. You can invite unlimited guests to live stream events

Unlike a physical venue, the beauty of live streaming is your online audience is unrestricted. In addition, the extra cherry on top is you don’t pay any more for the headcount and…

4. Live stream content keeps on giving

On most platforms, the more successful your content is, the more it gets displayed. Then the more it gets displayed, the more it gets watched. After the physical event is over, people who missed it can watch it back as it unfolded. Above all, an increase in engagement almost always…

5. Increases your ROI

The more people that view the content you’ve created the more likely you are to achieve your end goal. Whether it be conversion, views or awareness, live streaming events is a fantastic way to stretch your event budget even further. With fixed costs and higher returns you’re getting…

6. Great value for money

Plus, you can even take your live footage and turn it into additional content. Producing promo videos, social clips or highlights reels can save you money on extra videography services. Your audience can also benefit from…

7. Saving time and money

If you have specific guests in mind, online events cut out travel time and costs. Allowing guests to tune in around their busy schedules without factoring in travel times, means you’ll likely get higher attendance and…

8. Reduce your impact on the environment

Particularly if you regularly engage with audiences all over the country or the world, cutting out those air miles or petrol fumes can only be a positive thing. If that wasn’t enough…

9. Video is set to be 82% of all online traffic by 2022

Video content was predicted to grow fourfold between 2017-2022 and is already well on the way. As it becomes increasingly important to have a video presence in your marketing strategy, live video is an exciting, relevant, cost-effective way to grow your business or take your brand to the next level.


In short, the benefits of live streaming events can be huge. Increasing your audience numbers, engaging more effectively, reducing costs and getting added value from your content all contribute towards improving ROI for your events. 

We all know events can be expensive and time-consuming to organise which can be off-putting for many. However, we really believe that live streaming your event has the power to take your investment further and ensure that events really do pay in for your business.